Considered one of the most talented and prolific bassists in Montreal, Alexandre Lapointe holds his own with the masters of his playing style. Twenty years of experience on stage and in the studio have molded Alex into the solid and tasteful musician he is today.

Founding member of the funk band The Brooks, Alexandre also performed and recorded with renowned local artists such as Jason Bajada, Betty Bonifassi, Nadja, Ariane Brunet, Black Diamond Bay, BLOU and Joel Campbell (musical director for Tina Turner and Janet Jackson) to name a few.

Soul, R&B, Folk, Classic Rock and Blues are the cornerstones of Alex’s sound and style – he has even done soundtrack work for video game mega-giant Ubisoft. Add teaching (privately and in academic environments) to his list of achievements and we get a sense of Alex’s dedication to his art.

Alex started playing the bass at the tender age of 15. Influenced by bass playing greats James Jamerson, Pino Palladino and Paul McCartney as well as groups like The Meters, The Rolling Stones and The Funk Brothers, he perfected his musical tone and playing style. Today Alex is known for his melodic bass lines, vintage tone and deep groove, all of which contribute to his status as a “first call” bass player in Montreal.

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